by Kevin Fawley

Steve Garfield’s Wonderful #BatchYardParty Recap

What a Grand Opening! Thank You so much to everyone who was able to stop by and be part of such a special night with us. Speaking of special, our friend Steve Garfield has put together this beautiful Storify recap of his night at #TheBatchYard Party! Of course, we HAD to share it with everyone!… Read More »

by Kevin Fawley

From Sweet Candy to Sweet Resident Living: See How The Batch Yard Was Converted into One of Boston’s Most Sought-After Apartment Communities [VIDEO]

Learn about the rich architecture of The Batch Yard located near Boston. See how a candy factory was converted into a community, while still maintaining the unique details and history of the building.

by Kevin Fawley

The Batch Yard’s Grand Opening Party!

Our Grand Opening event is less than a week away!! To register for Boston’s biggest party of the Fall and complete details check out our Facebook event page below! Post by The Batch Yard.

by The Batch Yard Team

Go Green at These Eco-Friendly Apartments

One of the factors you may consider when looking for a place to live is whether the apartment or building has any eco-friendly features. By living in a green home, you’ll not only tread more lightly on earth, but you’ll likely save money too. And new technology means you don’t have to give up any… Read More »

Labor Day BBQ
by The Batch Yard Team

Plan a Last-Minute Labor Day Getaway

Labor Day always seems to mark the unofficial end of summer, making it the perfect time to get away. The long weekend is only a few days away, but even if you haven’t made plans, there’s still time. With The Batch Yard located so close to many vacation destinations, it’s easy to plan a last-minute… Read More »