Five Within Five

The Batch Yard is the place to be if you are looking for a gorgeous luxury lifestyle, a diverse variety of surrounding entertainment, and easy access into Boston. With a number of hot destinations in the area, we have compiled a “five within five” list of must-see places just five minutes from The Batch Yard.… Read More »

Meet Our Neighbor, Idle Hands!

  Meet our next door neighbors! That’s right, Idle Hands is just next to our community, less than a MINUTE walking distance! Did you know they offer brewery tours? Check them out here:

Steve Garfield’s Wonderful #BatchYardParty Recap

What a Grand Opening! Thank You so much to everyone who was able to stop by and be part of such a special night with us. Speaking of special, our friend Steve Garfield has put together this beautiful Storify recap of his night at #TheBatchYard Party! Of course, we HAD to share it with everyone!… Read More »

From Sweet Candy to Sweet Resident Living: See How The Batch Yard Was Converted into One of Boston’s Most Sought-After Apartment Communities [VIDEO]

Learn about the rich architecture of The Batch Yard located near Boston. See how a candy factory was converted into a community, while still maintaining the unique details and history of the building.