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Savor Locally Roasted Coffee at Bikeeny Caffe

Bikeeny Caffe is named for its signature pastry. A bikeeny is a European pastry encased in a flaky dough and stuffed with fruits, cheese, or nuts. It's a popular treat in Moldova, the eastern European country from which the cafe's owners hail. You'll always find a variety of bikeenies on the menu at Bikeeny Caffee.

It just opened in Malden a few months ago with a mix of European and American eats and coffee drinks. In addition to bikeenies, the menu also offers breakfast sammies stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients, smoothies made from scratch, and a small selection of lunchtime sandwiches. If you're a coffee connoisseur, you'll appreciate the fact that Bikeeny Cafe's beans come from local micro-roaster the Hogan Brothers. They roast java in small batches and then deliver it to the cafe within 48 hours, so you can always expect a fresh cup.