by Kevin Fawley

Enjoy Bangkok-Style Street Food at Dakzen

​Dakzen is a newly opened eatery specializing in Bangkok-style street food in a relaxed storefront. Owner Panupak Kraiwong named his restaurant Dakzen because it’s a loose translation of the Thai phrase to “chow down,” especially on noodles. The menu includes a variety of bowls filled with noodle or rice dishes, mostly his grandfather’s recipes. Try… Read More »

by Kevin Fawley

Savor Locally Roasted Coffee at Bikeeny Caffe

Bikeeny Caffe is named for its signature pastry. A bikeeny is a European pastry encased in a flaky dough and stuffed with fruits, cheese, or nuts. It's a popular treat in Moldova, the eastern European country from which the cafe's owners hail. You'll always find a variety of bikeenies on the menu at Bikeeny Caffee.… Read More »