by The Batch Yard Team

An Apartment by Any Other Name

What do Blue Ivy and The Batch Yard have to do with each other? Thanks to Baby Blue and her name-elite comrades, it’s no longer hip to be a nice baby named Matthew or Mary. The Name is everything. The Name needs meaning and a story. Baby Blue raised expectations for babies and apartments across the land.

When we sat down to name The Batch Yard, we had a lot to work with: location, history, style. Being the former Charleston Chew factory opened the door to the 1920s and, of course, chocolate. But bringing those influences into a name wasn’t easy. We started in the obvious place, calling the space “The Charleston Chew Lofts.” Accurate to be certain, but it was no Apple Paltrow Martin. We played around with the attributes of candy—sweet, delicious, melty—and tributes to the Charleston dance era. Nothing. We weren’t nailing it.

Truth be told, the location and building are more than the sum of their parts and finding a way to express that was proving difficult. There’s an industrial vibe to the area, but also a sense of change and progress. The old candy factory is getting a new life and soon an entire community will be buzzing.

That was what got us thinking about “batch.” A batch is fresh. It can be the same or different. The recipe can change overtime, accommodate new tastes. It’s also how candy is made—in batches. The yard is a nod to the more industrial vibe of the area. There’s a train yard that runs behind the building. That’s how The Batch Yard came to be.

And now it’s time for a fresh batch of people to come and enjoy The Batch Yard.