by The Batch Yard Team

The Batch Yard Provides for People and Their Pets

Our new luxury apartment building, The Batch Yard, features a pet walking area, a pet washroom and is located close to several great places to take your pet to play.

It’s not always easy to find pet-friendly housing, but those residing at The Batch Yard in Everett won’t have a problem. This new luxury apartment building, located just outside of Boston, is as welcoming to four-legged residents as it is to those with two.

The Batch Yard goes above and beyond to ensure that you and your pet are comfortable in your new home. Residents are allowed to have two pets per apartment, meaning you won’t have to choose between living in a new, modern building and having furry friends live with you.

In addition to allowing two pets per unit, The Batch Yard offers several pet-specific on-site amenities. This starts with providing ample space for your pets to walk, play and explore outside. Having a spot right outside your front door to take your pet for a walk will be especially welcome during the cold winter months. And after you come in from playing outside, you can clean your pets in a special washroom!

When you want to roam further from home with your pet, you only have to go just down the road to the Mystic River Reservation to find a beautiful place to walk and play. With parks, trails and plenty of green space, the Mystic River Reservation is the perfect place to spend the afternoon with your pet.

Another terrific spot to take your pet is the Thorndike Field Dog Park in nearby Arlington. This large dog park has all kinds of features for pets to play on and ample bench seating for their owners.

Don’t sacrifice your comfort or your desire to have a pet. At The Batch Yard, you can have both!