Invite Your Friends to a Karaoke Party at Station KTV Malden

station KTV might sound like a local radio studio, but it’s actually a new karaoke bar in downtown Malden. It’s a fun place to spend an evening, whether it’s you holding the mic and belting out your favorite song, or just sitting back on the comfy couches while your friends take center stage.  station KTV… Read More »


Enjoy Brunch at The Historic Warren Tavern

Any place that’s good enough for Paul Revere and George Washington is probably more than adequate for Sunday brunch. The Warren Tavern is one of those places. It’s the oldest tavern in Massachusetts and one of the oldest in the nation—and it has played host to some historic diners, including Washington and Revere. Grab a… Read More »


Share Gastropub Bites at The Longfellow Bar

If you’re the type of person who has a hard time choosing just one thing off the menu, The Longfellow Bar’s approach to dining. The chef prepares smaller plates that are designed for sharing, so you have the opportunity to taste-test a huge variety of unique bites. Since the gastropub opened in January, foodies have been… Read More »


Have a Great Meal in a Former Fire House at Chelsea Station

One of the worst fires in Massachusetts history nearly destroyed the former Engine 5 fire station in 1973. While the building was spared, nearly 20 city blocks in Chelsea were destroyed. Years later, the building was converted into a bank, and since 2016 it’s been the home of Chelsea Station, a restaurant and bar offering… Read More »


Treat Yourself to a Decadent Italian Feast at La Cucina Italian Eatery

Some Italian restaurants channel the atmosphere of a big family meal at home, while others emphasize Italy’s tradition of elegant fine dining. Regulars at the newly-opened La Cucina Italian Eatery say that this Somerville restaurant balances itself right between these two alternatives, offering diners a casual, friendly atmosphere and a menu full of elevated Italian dishes. … Read More »