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Explore a Piece of National History at the USS Constitution Museum

The USS Constitution has been around almost as long as the United States itself. It was first launched in 1797 on an inaugural journey from Boston to the Caribbean. It has played pivotal roles in U.S. history since then, including time as a warship, but it's been on display in Boston permanently since the 1930s. The ship has undergone numerous restoration efforts to keep it in pristine condition, and you can explore it for yourself when you come to the USS Constitution Museum.

The museum complements the ship itself, which is free and open to the public to explore. Check out "Old Ironsides," as she's lovingly nicknamed, and then explore the collections and exhibits at the museum. The mix of Constitution-related artifacts and documents lay out the long backstory of this regal watercraft.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Free-Photos