by The Batch Yard Team

Meet Our Property Manager

The Batch Yard invites folks to the sweeter side of city living. It’s the side of city living where you walk into your closet instead of living in one. Over here we welcome residents on two legs and four and have plenty of places for everyone to play: green grass for the pups and roof decks for the people.

There’s always a cozy spot to lounge around with a good book or a better cocktail. From where we sit, there are beautiful city views without battling for parking or paying through the nose for space to stretch out. It does sound pretty sweet, doesn’t it? The Batch Yard Property Manager, Alana Ferrari believes it does! Learn more about the property and community with Alana’s Q&A below!

What is your favorite part about living in Everett?

The community, it has a rich past and a bright future. There are always new things popping up around town, and football season is a great time of year because we have the best high school football team in the state!

Are there any exciting developments planned for The Batch Yard?
Yes, we are almost ready to open our doors for tours of the community! The community has a rich past, as you know it’s the old Charleston Chew candy factory that has been restored. There will be a roof deck with a gas grill, a pool with an outdoor movie theater, a giant clubroom, even bigger fitness center with a private yoga/dance studio, and much more! The best part is that we are pet friendly too!

What are your favorite local restaurants and bars near The Batch Yard? 
I love going into Charlestown or the North End, its less than a 10-minute drive and there are so many places to choose from!

How do you spend a weekend in Everett?
I always check out the community calendar to see whats happening in the town!

What tips do you have for future residents?  
Enjoy the sweeter side of city living!