by The Batch Yard Team

Pinterest Provides Inspiration for Your New Home

With The Batch Yard opening its doors this summer, you may be looking for some inspiration for your new home. Whether you’re seeking decorating ideas or dinner recipes, eco-friendly cleaning products or pet-friendly crafts, The Batch Yard’s Pinterest board has it all and more.

One of The Batch Yard’s most unique features is the special attention it pays to residents’ four-legged friends. From a pet washroom to a designated walking area, your furry friend will feel just as much at home at The Batch Yard as you do. And The Batch Yard’s Pet-Friendly Pinterest Board has some fun ideas for crafts to do to make your animal feel even more welcome. There are recipes for D.I.Y. treats, easy projects to encourage your cats to play and information on preparing for a disaster with a pet.

When you move into your new apartment at The Batch Yard, one of the first things you’ll probably want to do is decorate. The Batch Yard’s Apartment Art Pinterest Board has lots of inspiration for a variety of decorating styles. The Summer Decorations Pinterest Board features fun ideas for table centerpieces that are easy to D.I.Y. and will really brighten up your space.

Easy and delicious recipes are a must for busy professionals and The Batch Yard’s Tasty Dinner Recipes Pinterest Board has everything from pan-roasted swordfish steaks and zucchini-ribbon lasagna to grilled apricots and slow-cooker bourbon chicken. There’s something for everyone and every night of the week!

And when it’s time to spruce up your apartment, look no further than the Eco-Friendly Cleaning Board. Green your new home when you keep it clean using D.I.Y. dryer sheets, scrubbing cleanser and jewelry cleaner. 

Discover how you can put all this inspiration to good use when you find out about The Batch Yard’s leasing options for summer 2014!

Image: Flickr