by The Batch Yard Team

Go Green at These Eco-Friendly Apartments

One of the factors you may consider when looking for a place to live is whether the apartment or building has any eco-friendly features. By living in a green home, you’ll not only tread more lightly on earth, but you’ll likely save money too. And new technology means you don’t have to give up any modern amenities to live green at The Batch Yard.

The eco-friendly focus at these apartments near Boston begins right with the location and construction of the building. Housed in a former candy factory, the builders of The Batch Yard reused this historic building instead of tearing it down. That reduced waste and created a unique property that’s truly unlike anything else you’ll find anywhere!

In addition to the green construction of the building itself, the apartments at The Batch Yard have several eco-friendly features. Each is equipped with a Nest thermostat that learns your habits and programs itself to use less energy when you’re not around. Using the Next can save you 20% on your heating and cooling bills—and that means you’re doing your part to save the environment too.

One of the best parts of living in an eco-friendly apartment is using brand new Energy Star appliances. Using an Energy Star washer/dryer can save you a combined $200 per year on your energy bill and dramatically reduce the amount of water used to clean clothes. Energy Star refrigerators use about 20% less energy than standard models and can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill. Non-Energy Star dishwashers waste about 10 gallons of water per cycle and cost about $40 more per year to operate. Another way The Batch Yard aims to reduce water waste is by installing dual flush toilets in every unit.

The best of having an eco-friendly apartment isn’t just that you’ll save you money, it’s that you’ll be helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions to make the world a greener place! Schedule your appointment today to tour these green apartments that are now leasing.

Image: Flickr