by Alana Ferrari

The Craft Beer Renaissance

By now we all know that buying local is the way to go; Dedication to exceptional quality, taste, and presentation provided by the passionate members of your own community- what more could you ask for in a beer? The craft brew renaissance is no secret to The Batch Yard neighborhood, this movement has recently established sipping local as essential to new-wave hot spots all over the country, especially in the Boston area.

Having provided the Boston area with its first “nanobrewery,” Being an innovator in the craft beer movement has come naturally to the brewers at Idle Hands Craft Ale. Their inspiration comes from more classic approaches to Belgian styles complimented with modern flavors that provide subtle yet complex taste in their brew. Idle Hands supports the local craft beer community surrounding The Batch Yard as well as the local flavor; food pairings are provided on every bottle’s label listing food and restaurants found in the Everett Area. Idle Hands Craft Ale has a commitment to perfection that is evident in their memorable barrel aged beers.

Night Shift Brewing Company, named one of Boston’s hottest beer gardens, provides an oasis for residents of The Batch Yard and other members of the Everett community. Night Shift’s understated outside appearance is perfectly balanced with it’s spacious industrial brew hall interior. Understanding that everyone drink’s beer for different reason’s, the brewers at Night Shift Brewing Company are sure to have a brew for even the most finicky connoisseur. Night Shift crafts their contemporary flavor using seemingly endless variety of unorthodox ingredients (you can grab a tall Habanero- Agave Rye Ale or Vanilla Bean Pale Ale as well as other vivid combinations year round.) Their style taps into the experimental excitement that comes with the artistry behind creating an innovative brew. Come back to Night Shift every few weeks and taste the whole new variety of brews that are made available.

In Everett, microbreweries reveal New England’s unique flavor where exclusive local brews and local ingredients come together before meeting you and your friend’s downtown. Beer interactivity is up and coming in Massachusetts; so join the hyper-local brewing revolution near The Batch Yard where many of Everett’s breweries are on top of their game.

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