by Kevin Fawley

Enjoy Your Morning Coffee or Mid-Day Lunch at Revival Café & Kitchen

Revival Café & Kitchen isn’t your typical office park coffee shop or eatery. This casual eatery puts a lot of time and care into crafting a balanced menu of fine coffees and teas, baked goods, and interesting breakfast and lunch items. 

Look for breakfast sandwiches, quiche of the day, and kimchi bowls in the morning, and more savory specialties like soup du jour, fresh salads, and hefty sandwiches for lunch. There aren’t many places in town where you can get a vegan apple cider donut to finish off a meal of Thai peanut salad or a crispy eggplant sandwich, but that’s standard fare at Revival Café & Kitchen. Starting January 2, Revival Café & Kitchen will be accepting online orders for both quick pick-up service and their expert catering. Preview their menu online, and be sure to stop in the next time your near Alewife to try their specials and artisan coffee.