by Kevin Fawley

Explore Little Italy With Boston’s Politically Incorrect North End Tours

Anthony Gesualdi doesn’t believe in being politically correct, which is why you can always trust he’s going to give you his unbiased opinion. It’s also why he named his tour company Boston’s Politically Incorrect North End Tours. Anthony also happens to be a native of the North End, also referred to as Little Italy, so he has the inside scoop on its best spots—not just the tourist traps.

He hosts Lunch in Little Italy and a Mama Mia Dinner tours, which both include a stop at Mama Maria’s house—Anthony’s own mother. She’s well-versed in the traditions of Italian cooking, and if you opt for the dinner tour, you actually get to enjoy a full meal crafted by her own two hands. That includes fresh pasta, classic Italian gravy, meatballs, and sausage. On the lunch tour, you’ll grab a small bite at Mama Maria’s before heading out to explore the rest of the North End’s delis, markets, and historic sites.