by Kevin Fawley

Elm Street Bakery: Italian and American Sweets for Curbside Pickup

On any given day at Elm Street Bakery, you’ll find giant cream puffs, fruit-loaded tarts, and a panoply of cookies. The bakers are still crafting similar sweets for curbside pick-up! Simply call to place your order, and then pull right up to the store to grab your goodies, then bring them back to enjoy at home.

The cream puffs are just some of the giant pastries available to pick up. Elm Street Bakery boasts a large collection of Italian and American treats, such as eclairs, lobster tails, and elephant ears, not to mention mini renditions of other treats (like cannolis and ladyfingers). Cookies, pies, and specialty cakes round out the menu, along with some savory options. If you want some fresh dinner rolls, a pepperoni pizza, or a steak and cheese calzone, Elm Street Bakery has you covered there, too.