by Kevin Fawley

Enjoy Brunch at The Historic Warren Tavern

Any place that’s good enough for Paul Revere and George Washington is probably more than adequate for Sunday brunch. The Warren Tavern is one of those places. It’s the oldest tavern in Massachusetts and one of the oldest in the nation—and it has played host to some historic diners, including Washington and Revere.

Grab a table during the weekend brunch and start with the breakfast tater tots loaded with jack cheese, jalapenos, scallions, smoked bacon, and a sunny-side-up egg. As you enjoy the tater tots, weigh your entree options. You can sink your teeth into a BLT layered with avocado, an egg, and jalapeno-infused mayo or the cinnamon-glazed French toast with local maple syrup. Craving a burger or a sandwich? Try the Cottage, a burger topped with a fried organic egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese, or the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich.