by Alana Ferrari

Super Bowl Party Checklist

The Super Bowl is the perfect occasion to host a party in your apartment. Space is not an issue for such an intimate gathering as the Super Bowl – high fives and chest bumps require close quarters! Send out your email invites today and here’s a little party check list to help…fair to say they are in order of importance.

Hops and Heads
Depending on the size of your crowd you may want to decide between bottles and cans – and if you recycle – which we know you do – you may want to stick to cans [they take up less room and broken glass is no longer a worry]? Whatever your decision, stock up on a variety of beer so that all tastes are accommodated. And you didn’t hear it from me, but you probably should grab a bottle of red, and a bottle of white to please the ‘other’ kind of guests.

NA choices
Don’t forget about the very important, usually more mature, non-drinkers in your group, or those who just want to take a break in between brews. Water, seltzer, coffee, soda, Arnold Palmer, etc.

What do we do when excited, anxious, and for hours at a time? Nosh! Serve a mix of items to satisfy everyone, and include both finger foods like chips and dips, wings, and pizza—and heartier fare like chili and barbecue to balance out all those hops. Don’t go cheap or lowball your numbers – running out of food is as bad as running out of beer. Set up a buffet table off to the side where people can load up on main-course items, then have several smaller tables in the TV room with snacks that people can munch on during the game. Head on over to “The Kitchn” for dip and spread recipes.

The forgotten
After nourishment, seating is the most essential element of your Super Bowl party. Who wants to stand for six hours or worse, lean up against a wall with no room for your feet, to watch the biggest game of the year? Make sure you have enough seats in front of the TV for everyone who’s attending – this is where choosing the number of guests matters. Ask friends to bring a folding chair or lawn chair if you don’t have enough seats. Count your hassocks and stools as seats too. Lastly, scatter some large pillows and even thick blankets so those seated on the floor can get comfortable.

Ice, ice baby
Keep plenty of ice on hand, more than you think you’ll need. Keeps drinks cold, both in a cooler and in a cup!

The Obvious
Plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery
I would think ‘disposable’. There’s too much excitement during games and breaking dishes and glasses does not need to be a worry. Make sure dishes are the sturdy type or you’ll be renting the carpet cleaner on Monday.

Napkins, Paper towels and wet wipes
Please don’t make us explain why.

The not so obvious
Serving platters, trays, and bowls Pick up inexpensive football-themed items to add to the fun. Just make sure you have enough serving pieces for all the snacks you’ll be setting out. The Dollar Store and iParty have very affordable options.

Bottle openers
Invest in a few of these so your guests won’t use the edge of the coffee table to open a cold one; the fewer distractions from the game, the better. [But if you choose cans, this can be deleted from your list]

GO PATS!!! #TB12